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Hi, we’re Green Beach!

We love nature. We love it so much that our unique Brazilian made hammocks are designed and trade just to be in harmony with it. There’s nothing we love more than talk about culture, lifestyle and the organic interaction between them.


For what we love most.
The purple, pink and light blue.
From sunrise, at the sun or down the moon.
Yellow and orange in the dark blue,
For what make us alive,
For what handcrafts our daily lives,
Living as a community, doing our part.
Laying in a hammock,
Take it easy and always smile.

About us

Green Beach is a Sydney – São Paulo based organisation created by two professional and hippie-at-heart friends. Separated by the entire Pacific Ocean, Renata Hilario & Fernanda Lopes got together in the stunning islands of Thailand for the first Green Beach meeting of 2014 with the same purpose: Take it easy! Everyone, everyday, as much as possible.

Working with exclusive partners from Brazil, we offer high quality hammocks produced in the north of the country, where the laid-back beach lifestyle and creativity are as part of the culture as carnival, dance and happiness.


As beach lovers all of it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t make sure we have a safe, clean and always beautiful environment around us. So that’s the deal: when buying our hammock you’re supporting development programs that study and act on the impacts of plastic pollution on our marine environment. The initiative are taken by the amazing people from Two Hands Project.

Two Hands is a collaborative project that works with community and scientists across the globe, studying the impacts of plastic pollution on our marine environment. Taking action, they are improving the health of our oceans, reducing the risk to the wildlife and also cleaning our favourite beaches and parks.

We take it easy, but we definitely take it serious.



Indoor or outdoor. Swinging or reading. Pick one, sit back and relax  (=



Tropical collection

100% Cotton. 100% Love.

Vibrant, easy and versatile are the hammocks from our 2015 new collection. Winter, spring, summer or fall they will find a place at any home.


*$5 of every product sold is donated to Two Hands Project to support projects about the impact of plastic pollution in oceans and their wildlife.

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We’re not alone. Supporters from Brazil & Australia are united in our easy-green-lifestyle call. To them, our special thanks for making our dream possible!

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Fernanda Lopes is a advertising, marketing & management professional who loves coffee smell more than anything and she can be seen most of her time somewhere and somehow near by the sea.

Renata Hilario comes from advertising and is specialized in management and sustainability. Learning is what keep her moving and put them in practice is her passion.








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